A Year of Reflection

As I approach my 32nd birthday, I find myself looking back on the crazy year that was. Between buying my first home and transitioning into a new role at work, it has been a year full of invigorating experiences. At the same time, I've been surveying what's going on in the world around me, and I can't help but feel upset.

I'm not going to dive into any politics or headlines, but I want to stress that the Zeigeist has changed. As the baby boomers retire and the balance of power shifts towards millennials, I believe the people on this planet will be faced with the toughest obstacles humanity has ever encountered.

I also believe we will bear witness to the greatest triumphs of our species.

As part of this reflection I've been examining my own role in all of this. Introspection and education can yield significant outcomes if one takes the time to invest. Several months ago, I decided to take a break from startups and side projects to focus on myself as a person and reflect on what motivates me, what makes me happy, and the impact I have on those around me.

While I have learned an incredible amount, I feel as if I have barely scraped the surface. One goal of this blog is to share what I have learned for the benefit of others. That may sound conceited, as if I see myself as some sort of guru, but the truth is I've made countless mistakes over the past few decades and if someone can avoid making just one of them, or learn how to improve upon their own life in some way, then I will consider this blog a success.

After all this writing, you're probably wondering what I've gleaned from my "Year of Reflection." Well, you'll just have to keep reading...