Time Spent Thinking About Time

In my last post I mentioned taking a break from startups and side projects. I told myself I was too stressed and needed "time" for myself. I'm very happy I made this decision, but I realized it wasn't about getting more time.

Don't get me wrong, I could always use more hours in the day (as do many people I know). What I realized, was that no matter how many hours I had at my disposal, I would make use of them. Whether it be socializing, hanging out reading a book, taking a road trip, or just sleeping in on a Saturday, I was always able to fill up my time.

What I learned, was I needed to be making better use of the time I had. I needed to spend more time moving myself forward, prioritizing the things in my life that truly matter. It's so easy to be swept up with friends' birthdays, celebrating new jobs, and trying out the latest cocktail menu at one's favorite bar. While these things aren't inherently bad, I realized it a disproportionate amount of time was spent doing these things and not moving myself forward.

If you're going to take anything away from my ramblings, know that it's ok to say no, and you need to plan time for yourself. Everyone can't make it to every party, and most people realize this (also, don't take offense if someone bails or can't make it).

The second part of the takeaway is planning time for yourself. Taking that time back and using it constructively. Sometimes you need to take a night and chill, watch some Netflix with a glass of wine. I'm more thinking of taking the time to read that book to help further your career, or take that class online.

If all of this sounds familiar, it's because it's called discipline. I am by no means a master of it (far from it actually), and I know plenty of other people struggle as well. I've been working on some things to help me focus and increase my propensity for "getting shit done" and I'll most likely share that down the line. But for now, remember it's ok to say "no" and you need to plan time for yourself.